Sunday, December 9, 2012

H. Moncayo art

I have found lots of art but never by any artist I can find information about online. Well today I can say that changed. The artist of these paintings is. H. Moncayo. I have to admit the woman creeps me out. Even the cashier at the thrift store said she was creepy. For $6.00 each I would chance her bringing evil into my house. I'm sure that book she's reading is a book of spells or something. Just look at her, I tell you she's evil. lol

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Monday, December 3, 2012

I found THE boots

I'm going to admit that I have been kind of jealous lately. I've been looking at blogs and seeing all the cute boots that fashion bloggers have been wearing. I have boots but I have yet to find THE boots. Well that is, until now. These Ariat boots were at G.W and were $7.00. I'm jealous no more.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The "Hole" Story

I love buying my clothing at Goodwill. It's been awhile since I have shopped at a department store. I like being able to buy good quality clothing at a cheap price. I have come to realize buying used clothing also has a downside. Recently I had a wardrobe malfunction. NO! not the Janet Jackson kind of wardrobe malfunction. Mine showed a little less skin. Recently I brought a pair of jeans at GW.  I wore them about four times and washed them about three times. I don't know when or how they became torn. I didn't even notice until half way through my shift at work. When I looked in the mirror, I realized I could see my underwear through my jeans. The rip was about a inch and half long. OMG, why did no one tell me? I would love to think no one told me because no one saw it. The rip was right next to the left pocket.  I couldn't go home and change. Luckily I found shirt in my car, long enough to cover the rip. I won't stop buying used clothing. I guess I just have to take a closer look in the mirror before I leave the house. Have any of you had a wardrobe malfunction?