Sunday, May 6, 2012

No, i'm not reselling. I really do need all this jewelry

On my last blog post I posted about the bag of jewelry I brought from Goodwill. When I brought the bag the cashier told me how a customer came in and brought three bags already. Well yesterday I went into GW and I overheard a conversation between a customer and the cashier. The customer asked if they received anymore jewelry. The cashier told her no you brought most of the bags. I interjected and started talking to the customer. She was telling me how there was nothing really good in her bags, at least nothing she could wear. She said all of the earrings were clip-on and her ears are pierced. She said she was looking for silver or gold in the bag. Come on, really? The bags are clear and you could see it all was costume jewelry. Also, GW sold a lot of the jewelry that the donor brought in individually. It all was costume. I sell online and at Southern Crossing so I realize that she didn't buy about thirty pounds of jewelry for herself. I'm sure she is a reseller. I'm just wondering does anyone else not make it known that they are going to resell the things they buy. Should this not be mentioned while you are out shopping?  My last question is, do thrift stores really care?


  1. Thrift stores don't care, if they could get more in their market they would price it higher. I have noticed some Goodwill's doing online sales of books on Amazon, I am sure Ebay is next for them.

    1. I didn't think they cared. I was wondering why she was acting like she brought a bag with that was clearly full of clip on earrings and costume jewelry for herself. I mean if she did that is some serious hoarding, those bags are full.