Monday, April 30, 2012

Even more jewelry

Yesterday I told you they had a lot of jewelry at GW. I didn't mention they also had bags for sale stuffed full of vintage goodness. When I arrived yesterday they already sold two bags for $59.99 each. They had three left. I didn't buy one until I went back today. I'm so happy I did. Just one necklace alone will make my money back. I have posted a picture of the bag and some of my favorites. The funny thing is this doesn't include all that came in the bag. I have already put some jewelry in my booth at Southern Crossing. This was the best deal.  There is jewelry by Givenchy, trifari and some unmarked. I said earlier I will get my money back just in one necklace alone. Look up what vintage Givenchy goes for and you will see why I say that. Got to go do my happy dance.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's all about the jewelry

I have been hoarding jewelry lately. I have been up late at night shopping on Etsy buying jewelry to go with my outfits for summer. The jewelry box from my previous post is almost filled. Today instead of shopping on Etsy, I decided to actually go out looking for jewelry at GW. They received a load of jewelry that came in yesterday. I spent $33 and I love the jewelry I brought.

This is a really colorful and heavy set. It was only $6.99 for all three pieces. It is not marked.

3 rings. One on left marked 14k.

The necklace is a locket. The bracelet is marked Napier

There was so much jewelry at GW. I wish I could have brought it all but I'm happy with what I did get. Linking up with

Monday, April 2, 2012

Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better if it's a jewelry box. I told my boyfriend I found a jewelry box. He asked "Is it big?" All he could say was wow when I showed him how big it is. I found the jewelry box at GW for $9.99. It is currently holding all of my jewelry. He told me I should sell it but I'm attached to it. The bottom is marked Eureka.

I put a 20oz coke in the picture for size reference.