Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My art filled home

Last year I stood in the mirror at work and said to the woman next to me how much I loved her shirt. It wasn't until she looked at me that she realized why I loved it so much. I was wearing the exact same shirt as she was. This is one reason I started thrift store shopping. I hate wearing the same clothes as everyone else. I would also hate to have the same art hanging on my wall as someone else. I like to be unique. I no longer buy mass produced art work. Today I found a painting that I really liked it's by P. DeSimone.

This is another painting I brought about seven months back. This is my first time blogging about it. I love it's 70's vibe.

I think I'm buy too much art but I find so much I love. It's hard to leave it behind. Plus it never hurts to change art on the wall every once in a while.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I had a very Goodwill day.

Today at the GW by the pound store I found three of these mugs. I only have two pictured because I have two of the one on the left. They are marked Healy Pottery Ireland.

I also brought these shoes by Alex Marie. They are so cute. Since it was by the pound I'm guess I paid about $1.50 for them.

From the regular GW store I brought this retro purse. It folds over and becomes half of the size shown. I love it. It's by Lady's Pride.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Every time I stay at a hotel they have one of those cool lighted mirror that swings from the walls and illuminates and magnifies my pores. I admit its kind of scary to your skin magnified x10 but it's very helpful when putting on makeup. Every time I use one in the hotels I wish I had one. I didn't have to have a fancy one that juts from the wall and swings up or down. No, I just needed a plan simple one that sat on a stand and illuminated all of my flaws. While they are not in short supply and can be found mostly at any store I have never actually ventured to buy one. Well on Monday I found one sitting on a table and as I got closer to it I realized there was a man next to it. Was it his? Of course it was but he told me if he changed his mind he would let me know. Then he started to chit chat with me. Man: How old is your son. Me: I want that lighted mirror. Man: What grade is he in? Me: I'm sorry what? Did you say lighted mirror? Okay that is not really how the conversation went. I actually answered his questions with the correct responses. Somehow this man who held my precious mirror got me to get him a buggy. To be truthful he didn't ask me to get one, he kind of told me. I remember it going somewhat like "Get me a buggy from up front." I looked near him for crutches and I saw none. I realized he was sitting down, maybe I missed the wheelchair. No, it was a normal chair. What I did notice is that he accumulated a lot of stuff on the table next to the mirror and he didn't what to leave his stuff to be stolen by anyone else. This is why he summoned me to get his shopping cart. I got the cart and I gave it to him. Did I get the lighted mirror for my troubles? Nope all I got was a thank you. But it was I who should have thanked him for finding the cheap subpar mirror first. The next day I found  Conair lighted mirror that has different settings so you can see how your makeup will look in office, day, evening, and home. It was $9.99 at a different Goodwill and it's mine all mine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

WTF? Did someone steal my basket?

Here are two of my finds for the week. The first is a Arabia of Finland Pitcher. I found this for $1.99 at Goodwill. I put it in my basket and went and tried on clothes. When I came back my basket and the pitcher where gone. WTF? Oh yeah I was upset. I asked one of the associates if she saw my basket with a cat pitcher in it. I had to explain not cat picture but cat pitcher. A customer overheard me and pointed to the shelf where someone had placed the pitcher. I was so relieved. I will never leave anything I really want in the basket again.

My second find is this Serro Scotty Sportsman glass. I actually brought four of them. They were .59 each and are in really great condition.

Well this is just a quick post. I will show you all more later. Thanks for reading.