Sunday, December 9, 2012

H. Moncayo art

I have found lots of art but never by any artist I can find information about online. Well today I can say that changed. The artist of these paintings is. H. Moncayo. I have to admit the woman creeps me out. Even the cashier at the thrift store said she was creepy. For $6.00 each I would chance her bringing evil into my house. I'm sure that book she's reading is a book of spells or something. Just look at her, I tell you she's evil. lol

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Monday, December 3, 2012

I found THE boots

I'm going to admit that I have been kind of jealous lately. I've been looking at blogs and seeing all the cute boots that fashion bloggers have been wearing. I have boots but I have yet to find THE boots. Well that is, until now. These Ariat boots were at G.W and were $7.00. I'm jealous no more.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The "Hole" Story

I love buying my clothing at Goodwill. It's been awhile since I have shopped at a department store. I like being able to buy good quality clothing at a cheap price. I have come to realize buying used clothing also has a downside. Recently I had a wardrobe malfunction. NO! not the Janet Jackson kind of wardrobe malfunction. Mine showed a little less skin. Recently I brought a pair of jeans at GW.  I wore them about four times and washed them about three times. I don't know when or how they became torn. I didn't even notice until half way through my shift at work. When I looked in the mirror, I realized I could see my underwear through my jeans. The rip was about a inch and half long. OMG, why did no one tell me? I would love to think no one told me because no one saw it. The rip was right next to the left pocket.  I couldn't go home and change. Luckily I found shirt in my car, long enough to cover the rip. I won't stop buying used clothing. I guess I just have to take a closer look in the mirror before I leave the house. Have any of you had a wardrobe malfunction?

Monday, October 29, 2012

Didn't need it but who cares.

Just a quick post about this lamp. Yesterday I saw this at GW. I actually wanted it but knew I didn't need it. But about two blocks down the road, I turned around and went back to get it.  This lamp is very heavy.  Even the employee who helped carry it to the car kept saying how heavy it is. It is a little over five feet. It was only twenty dollars and worth the gas I spent to turn around to go back and get it.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Why didn't I get here sooner

    I'm sure we have all gone to an antique store, flea market, or thrift store and saw someone walking around with something we wish we saw first. Well that was the story of my weekend. There was a painting a woman carried around for thirty minutes and refused to put down, even though it looked heavy. It was priced at $50 and I heard her asking the salesman if they would mark it down in the future. He told her they may in a week or so. Guess she couldn't wait and she brought it. Second store I went to there was a woman scooping up all of the Fiestaware saucers and bowls. I guess she had second thoughts and started putting them back. Right when she moved out of the way I started to scoop them all up. Some man saw me and said "Great find huh? Fiestaware?" The answer is yes to both. Third, was a red suitcase. A customer got there first and I was mentally willing her to put it back. She did. Now it's mine, all mine.

Isn't the inside pretty?  I don't know who makes it or if it's vintage.

I also found these nativity figurines for .99 each. They are signed with what appears to be Josepi Sackica. If you know anything about these please let me know. I can't find anything online. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thrift Art

I have found many things since my last post. Today I will focus on the art. I found these two pictures. I don't have a place to hang them but couldn't leave them behind. They were $2.99 each. They are marked R. Mcmullen.

I also found this picture for $6.99. I have it hanging in my bathroom. I really am running out of places to hang all of this art.

All of these things were found at G.W. I will never shop retail again for art. Have you found any good art lately?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Finally found Cathrineholm

Hello again. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. As I'm typing this I'm in Tampa, Fl visiting. As my boyfriend and I were driving to GW, I was telling him that I was looking for Cathrineholm. Didn't think I would really find it but I did. I also found some other great things which I will blog about later. But let me ask you all, is all Cathrineholm marked? This one is not marked.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

A fish, a owl, and a woman named Bettye

Today I went to Goodwill and I found this owl lamp. It is signed by the same woman who made the fish lamp that I posted about on July 22. I suppose when I went to GW the first time, they hadn't put out the owl lamp. The fish lamp was signed Bettye M. The owl lamp has her full name. I wonder sometimes about the previous owners of the things I buy, so I looked her up. I found her obituary. She died July 17, 2012. That was four days after I found the fish. It's sad. The fish is marked 79' and the owl  78'. She kept those items all those years and now they are at Goodwill. I'm assuming no one in the family wanted them. I'm keeping the fish because I love it so much. The owl may go in my booth and I'm sure it will go to a good home. I'm sure she would have been happy to know that someone will appreciate the work she put into those two items.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Hummels for less than a dollar

Have you ever wondered what .96 cents worth of Hummels look like? Well wonder no longer. Today at the G.W by the pound store I found eight Hummels. Do you all buy Hummels when you see them?


A week ago I saw these at G.W. I have Miller chalk ware in my kitchen but I have never seen Bosson's chalk ware before. It was so realistic that I had to buy them for $5.00 each. They are not in the greatest condition but who cares.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I caught a good one

Hope you all are doing well. Today I went to G.W and I found this cookie jar marked U.S.A. He was 3.99. While looking down to get my phone out my purse I saw my other find.

This is a fish t.v lamp. It is missing one bulb and the light but I'm sure I can find a replacement online. For 9.99 I thought it was a good deal. The G.W employee asked me how much they marked it for. She said she really liked it. I told her it's missing the light and it's suppose to be a lamp. She said "Are you sure?" Wonder what she thought it was?

Next, is a vintage tin box. I never buy tin boxes but the design on this box pulled me in. It's so detailed.  I had to buy it. For $1.99 I couldn't pass it up.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Some great finds

I went shopping at GW this week and also at the flea market. Below are some of my finds.

These are four of the seven dwarfs. Aren't they adorable. For only $1.00 they had to go home with me.
This is the stamp on the bookends. Can anyone help me ID it?  I have seen the A mark before but I can't remember where. I don't believe these are vintage.

Partridge Bookends priced $2.99 each. Why do they price bookends separately? It's like pricing earrings separately.

This lamp is heavy. Omg, It's mustard yellow and I love anything mustard yellow. It was 6.99 at GW and works great.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Found everything I was looking for

Do you recognize that face? Yes, that is a Hummel. I know they are not as valuable as they were fifteen or so years ago but I was thrilled to have found him. He was in one of the bins at the Goodwill by the pound store. I don't know how he survived without being broken. I know the picture makes it seem as if the doll has one leg but they both are there. I think this figurine may have cost around 10 cents.

I have been looking for a pair of these Minnetonka shoes with the design on them. I have two pairs without the designs. I have been considering buying them online but that would take the thrill out of the hunt. Well today the hunt is over. I found these at the GW by the pound store. They totaled $2.58.

I found a bunch of these gnome plates and glasses a week ago. I brought seven of the plates and five of the glasses. They appear to have never been used. The plates were .59 each and glasses .29 each. I found 4 plates online for $39. Guess I got a great deal.  The napkin is by Vera I picked it up to sell but they matched so well, I used them.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Gucci and Christian Dior

My finds today are great. First off I found four Gucci mugs. I had no idea Gucci made mugs. I found some like it on ebay but how do I know if they are real or knock offs? They were 99 cent each.

Here is a close up.

I found this Christian Dior Bag. Not sure if it's knock off or not but I like it enough not to care. At  $6.99 I will chance it.

 I also found some cool shoes by NOW!! and a bag by Loungefly.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

No, i'm not reselling. I really do need all this jewelry

On my last blog post I posted about the bag of jewelry I brought from Goodwill. When I brought the bag the cashier told me how a customer came in and brought three bags already. Well yesterday I went into GW and I overheard a conversation between a customer and the cashier. The customer asked if they received anymore jewelry. The cashier told her no you brought most of the bags. I interjected and started talking to the customer. She was telling me how there was nothing really good in her bags, at least nothing she could wear. She said all of the earrings were clip-on and her ears are pierced. She said she was looking for silver or gold in the bag. Come on, really? The bags are clear and you could see it all was costume jewelry. Also, GW sold a lot of the jewelry that the donor brought in individually. It all was costume. I sell online and at Southern Crossing so I realize that she didn't buy about thirty pounds of jewelry for herself. I'm sure she is a reseller. I'm just wondering does anyone else not make it known that they are going to resell the things they buy. Should this not be mentioned while you are out shopping?  My last question is, do thrift stores really care?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Even more jewelry

Yesterday I told you they had a lot of jewelry at GW. I didn't mention they also had bags for sale stuffed full of vintage goodness. When I arrived yesterday they already sold two bags for $59.99 each. They had three left. I didn't buy one until I went back today. I'm so happy I did. Just one necklace alone will make my money back. I have posted a picture of the bag and some of my favorites. The funny thing is this doesn't include all that came in the bag. I have already put some jewelry in my booth at Southern Crossing. This was the best deal.  There is jewelry by Givenchy, trifari and some unmarked. I said earlier I will get my money back just in one necklace alone. Look up what vintage Givenchy goes for and you will see why I say that. Got to go do my happy dance.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's all about the jewelry

I have been hoarding jewelry lately. I have been up late at night shopping on Etsy buying jewelry to go with my outfits for summer. The jewelry box from my previous post is almost filled. Today instead of shopping on Etsy, I decided to actually go out looking for jewelry at GW. They received a load of jewelry that came in yesterday. I spent $33 and I love the jewelry I brought.

This is a really colorful and heavy set. It was only $6.99 for all three pieces. It is not marked.

3 rings. One on left marked 14k.

The necklace is a locket. The bracelet is marked Napier

There was so much jewelry at GW. I wish I could have brought it all but I'm happy with what I did get. Linking up with

Monday, April 2, 2012

Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better if it's a jewelry box. I told my boyfriend I found a jewelry box. He asked "Is it big?" All he could say was wow when I showed him how big it is. I found the jewelry box at GW for $9.99. It is currently holding all of my jewelry. He told me I should sell it but I'm attached to it. The bottom is marked Eureka.

I put a 20oz coke in the picture for size reference.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My art filled home

Last year I stood in the mirror at work and said to the woman next to me how much I loved her shirt. It wasn't until she looked at me that she realized why I loved it so much. I was wearing the exact same shirt as she was. This is one reason I started thrift store shopping. I hate wearing the same clothes as everyone else. I would also hate to have the same art hanging on my wall as someone else. I like to be unique. I no longer buy mass produced art work. Today I found a painting that I really liked it's by P. DeSimone.

This is another painting I brought about seven months back. This is my first time blogging about it. I love it's 70's vibe.

I think I'm buy too much art but I find so much I love. It's hard to leave it behind. Plus it never hurts to change art on the wall every once in a while.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I had a very Goodwill day.

Today at the GW by the pound store I found three of these mugs. I only have two pictured because I have two of the one on the left. They are marked Healy Pottery Ireland.

I also brought these shoes by Alex Marie. They are so cute. Since it was by the pound I'm guess I paid about $1.50 for them.

From the regular GW store I brought this retro purse. It folds over and becomes half of the size shown. I love it. It's by Lady's Pride.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Every time I stay at a hotel they have one of those cool lighted mirror that swings from the walls and illuminates and magnifies my pores. I admit its kind of scary to your skin magnified x10 but it's very helpful when putting on makeup. Every time I use one in the hotels I wish I had one. I didn't have to have a fancy one that juts from the wall and swings up or down. No, I just needed a plan simple one that sat on a stand and illuminated all of my flaws. While they are not in short supply and can be found mostly at any store I have never actually ventured to buy one. Well on Monday I found one sitting on a table and as I got closer to it I realized there was a man next to it. Was it his? Of course it was but he told me if he changed his mind he would let me know. Then he started to chit chat with me. Man: How old is your son. Me: I want that lighted mirror. Man: What grade is he in? Me: I'm sorry what? Did you say lighted mirror? Okay that is not really how the conversation went. I actually answered his questions with the correct responses. Somehow this man who held my precious mirror got me to get him a buggy. To be truthful he didn't ask me to get one, he kind of told me. I remember it going somewhat like "Get me a buggy from up front." I looked near him for crutches and I saw none. I realized he was sitting down, maybe I missed the wheelchair. No, it was a normal chair. What I did notice is that he accumulated a lot of stuff on the table next to the mirror and he didn't what to leave his stuff to be stolen by anyone else. This is why he summoned me to get his shopping cart. I got the cart and I gave it to him. Did I get the lighted mirror for my troubles? Nope all I got was a thank you. But it was I who should have thanked him for finding the cheap subpar mirror first. The next day I found  Conair lighted mirror that has different settings so you can see how your makeup will look in office, day, evening, and home. It was $9.99 at a different Goodwill and it's mine all mine.

Monday, March 5, 2012

WTF? Did someone steal my basket?

Here are two of my finds for the week. The first is a Arabia of Finland Pitcher. I found this for $1.99 at Goodwill. I put it in my basket and went and tried on clothes. When I came back my basket and the pitcher where gone. WTF? Oh yeah I was upset. I asked one of the associates if she saw my basket with a cat pitcher in it. I had to explain not cat picture but cat pitcher. A customer overheard me and pointed to the shelf where someone had placed the pitcher. I was so relieved. I will never leave anything I really want in the basket again.

My second find is this Serro Scotty Sportsman glass. I actually brought four of them. They were .59 each and are in really great condition.

Well this is just a quick post. I will show you all more later. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shoulda, Coulda, Can't

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I want to show you all my thrift Store finds. This is the top of a Incolay jewelry box. I found on on the incolay website for $160.00. Mine cost 2.99 at GW.

I found this bowl about a week ago. It was the only one. I can't find anything about it online. It is marked Free Futada.

Now I'm going to list what I couldn't buy. They just brought the table from the back and were placing the chairs around it when I got into the thrift store.  Omg, I wanted it. I ran over to it, ready to rip the tag off and take it up front and pay. I went to grab the tag and WAIT! WHAT? HOW MUCH? $749.00.  I soon realized that included two pieces but I can't afford that. It was nice vintage Lane furniture and I hope it goes to a good home.

 Get those bibs ready to catch the drool, here comes the pictures.

Omg, aren't they amazing. Shoulda, Coulda, $749.00? Can't