Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.

I'm so excited. It was the best thrift day ever. I don't have a happy dance but I was so happy that I almost created one. Let me show you what I got.

I got three New Care Bears in box with VHS tape and I also got six Care Bears (four not photographed) with tags. Total for my new friends were $11.  If you are wondering, yes that is a iittala candlestick holder. It set me back a whole $1.99. The candlestick holder I found has six rings and retails for $60 on iittala website. The purse is Gianni Bini and it cost 2.99. O.K. I'm going to make up a happy dance as I go post my GW finds on ebay.


  1. Ho! Great finds on the Care Bears! I miss thrifting, used to do it when I lived in the US, but it's very difficult to find good ones in Indonesia.
    I know you're doing it to save bucks, Trilas, and I did too, but don't you think the cool idea of recycling is kinda cool? So when you shop you can smugly think, "See? I'm so cool I'm recycling!" Hahaha!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please visit again soon!

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  2. Well I hope when you visit the US you can get in some thrifting because im sure you miss it. Yes, I do love the recycling side of thrifting as well. You can't go wrong with shopping at thrift stores, you're saving money and keeping something out of landfills.