Monday, February 21, 2011

Everything at the Flea Market is coming up roses

I have been selling Southern Crossing Antique Store for 3 weeks now and have earned about $84 dollars. I'm only aiming for $100 a month after expenses so i need to sell a lot this week.  Sunday I went to find things for my booth and I found some really great items. I found the Pyrex bowl pictured and it was only .25. I also found an Fenton glass slipper from same seller for .50 but the item is already in my booth so it's not pictured. I was so shocked when they told me the price. I was bowled over when they gave me both items for 75 cents. Do you ever feel like you are cheating people when you know the value of an item they are selling and they don't? Anyways, I went back to same booth an hour later to make sure i didn't miss anything good and it seemed as if they wised up in one hour. Things were now around the five dollar range.  Dang, who gave them access to the Internet in that one hour so they can check prices? The refrigerator dish was .50 and the mixer was 10.00 from a different seller. It was a good day and everything was coming up roses.  Lets hope the same for next week.